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Yeah, someone found my blog! I am a 32 yr. mother of three beautiful children and proud wife of my wonderful husband~ Matthew. I am blessed beyond my comprehension! I hope you too will be~ His gift is free if you receive. You have nothing to lose and all to gain! Ephesians 2:8-9 For it is by grace that you are saved, through your faith -not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. Not by works, so that no one can boast.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Who Is This????

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


One of my clients at work told me her grandaughter had a baby Fri. (her 1st baby) , she was @ 6 weeks early. The baby was taken to U of M today because she was born with one tiny eye and not the other one. My heart just sank in pain! I did not get any other info, as we were interupted. They did an MRI and I guess there is a brain deformity. I dont even know this family, other than grandma but I cant even imagine. So if you have a minute to spare maybe you could lift this family in prayer as Im sure they could use it. This story made all my minor problems dissappear and I find myself thinking of them alot.

Monday, June 26, 2006

DEVOTIONS for COUPLES by Patrick Morley

After viewing a few moments of the disturbing movie "DERAILED", and finding nothing on TV, kids in bed and Matt and I starring at each other like NOW WHAT?? He suggested we start our devotion book that we resently purchased. I love devotions that are real life stories and then have questions to get you talking about the deep issues we all seem to avoid! So far so good. It only took about 20 mins and keeps the communication open- always a good thing! Communication is THE KEY!!!!

I purchase this for Scott and Jen as a wedding gift- they better read it!!
Or they will just have to listen to me nag them.

One of the questions in the book was- " what is a funny moment in your marriage you and your spouse share?" Anyone care to share a moment??


Anyone see this horrible movie? With Jennifer Aniston. We watched @ 15 mins. which was 15 mins. of our lives WASTED!!! The content was very disturbing, maybe it got better but we couldnt take that chance. So we turned on the Tv which was also filled with trash, why does everyone have to cheat? Im disgusted!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Happy 16th Bday ALOIYA EARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy bday to you, happy bday to you, happy bday dear Aloiya- happy bday to YOU!!! Watch out for the crazy drivers, I know you'll be responsible!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The rain came down!!

Literally it came down and into my basement!!!! While Matt was at work Wed. night and the tornado warnings flashed across the screen and the thunder boomed, I decided the kids and dog and I should take cover. So as we trotted to the basement (unfinished) my 6 yr son Braeden decided he didn't feel so well so He filled a bucket 2x with -YES- VOMIT!!! YUCK!!!
Maddi ( baby girl) was crying and Mugzie (dog) decided NOW- he has to go to the bathroom #1 and #2!!! And I was fumbling to find a little TV in the basement on the shelf, water was pouring down my basement wall out of the little window and onto everything on my shelves!! When we finally came upstairs it looked as tho we had been in a flood, the water was over the curbs and up the driveway!!! Praise God- no damge and it all quickly went away. I had a bit of a panic feeling, putting myself in the shoes of others in natural disasters. What a horrible feeling to be trying to stop water from entering your house, not only the mess but the stuff, the memories, the pictures and when the water doesn't stop coming, your life, your last breathe. What a terrifying feeling! Basically I had a minor inconvience and a bad day but Thank God- it Can always be worse than it is!

My DaDa!

Baby girl loves her Dada! So do I!!
Check out what background you can see at Nazareth Hall (Scott and Jen's wedding) It's beautiful there!!! Matt and I married here but never saw this cuz it was Feb.

Buddy Boy

So Handsome!! Even tho he's missing his two front teeth- how can you resist him??!! Love ya Buddy!!

Cutie Butie!!

Not a great photo -I know but you have to view the whole outfit. BTW - They had to be judged only in their diaper- that is why she is half dressed! I love the boots!

I'm the Queen and your the King.

Baby King and Queen! Maddi is not too sure about him!

We have a Winner!!!


Baby girl took it home two!! Two trophy's- Baby Miss photogenic and 1st Place!! A shout out to two wonderful judges- Hillary and Cassidy Tompkins! But wouldn't any other judge have given her first too??!!

Workin the Runway!


Kenzie Struttin her Stuff

Glory to God (as Stu would say)

And YES- 2 TROPHY'S!!! She also won Miss Photogenic!!! Check out the girl next to Kenz, I think she was a little upset considering she has done this a few years and it was Kenz's first time!! It was the with HIS help, the power of prayer and God giving her good looks! She's such a little evangalist too, she had to mention Kidsstreet and Crossroads in her interview! Go Kenzie!!!

She's a Beauty Queen!!!

Check it out- MacKenzie won 3rd runner up in Bedford's Summerfest Contest!! So very proud of her!! It was a long hot day and she did great considering this is not her sort of thing but she WANTED to do it. She had the biggest group of girls in her age category- 15 of them ages 8-12! So she was very happy with 3rd place!!

The Earl's ~ Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Jennifer Earl

Mr. and Mrs. Earl!!! And they think they needed to go on a honeymoon! Isn't love enough?? I never got a honeymoon, well maybe in 18 more years. Hope your having a blast!!!

If ANYONE at all cares.... I have a BLOG!!!!

Welcome! Welcome! I finally have a blog. I was really bored today and said, hey I'll create a blog since no one ever updates thats why I'm so bored!! Plus I got a new digital camera that I don't even haredly know how to use so I thought I'll get a blog!! Here I am.