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Yeah, someone found my blog! I am a 32 yr. mother of three beautiful children and proud wife of my wonderful husband~ Matthew. I am blessed beyond my comprehension! I hope you too will be~ His gift is free if you receive. You have nothing to lose and all to gain! Ephesians 2:8-9 For it is by grace that you are saved, through your faith -not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. Not by works, so that no one can boast.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Baby doing Better- VERY SLOWLY but getting there.

Oh My- this was the nastiest bug EVER!!!! And quite scary to see our ever so happy baby be so miserable and docile- not her at all!! She falls asleep in the strangest places, and she never falls asleep anywhere!!! And she has barely eaten since sunday. But I think the fever is finally gone for good!! So hopefully everyday will get better.

Double Rainbow

Did anyone see the double rainbow @ 7-8pm to the NWish?? So cool, and it did a tiny sprinkle. I Love Rainbows! Its like God Smiling! =)

Barium- Yummmm!!!

Well I am fortunate I only had to drink 1 of the 2 glasses they gave me because they were able to see what they needed with 1 glass. THANK GOD!!!!!! It was not minty like pepto like the lady said it would be. It was thick, warm, gritty and just down right nasty!!! I could feel it in my mouth it didnt know whether to go down or come up!!! Hoping for some results soon the Radiology Dr. kept making weird eye contact with the nurse and they wanted me to come back in 1 hour and I said No I cant you better do what you need to do now. So he said I guess I have everything I need. It was just weird.
They are trying to find why I have had stomach pain, constant never changes always there and it hurts if you touch me, its only bothered me a year and they are just now ordering tests. Dr.'s.....

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I Have to agree Earl

I must say I have a lack of desire to create new post or put much into it when the comments are few. I enjoy and appreciate every comment but wish too that there were more. So I wonder too what do our bloggers want to read or see?? So I will be thinking- I need a daily something, verse, pictures etc. Blogger readers what do you WANT????

New car soon????

Well my lease is almost up in Nov. and I dont know what to do. Buy a FORD, Yes I know, I have to. Option #1 Explorer- probably what I will end up with
#2 Freestar Van- dont really like vans
#3 Escape- probably too small and no insentives
#4 F150-Gas hog so probably not - really cheap lease tho
#5 Sport Trac- No insentives
#6 Car- no way- way too small

So then Do I lease or buy but I cant afford to buy new so I would have to buy used but by
the time I get the rebates and discounts Im better off going new. OHHHHH Too many choices, I love choices but am horrible at making them, we wont even talk color yet thats a whole other subject. Im sure our trsty friend Don at Whitman Ford will help us narrow it down and when we are closer to know what the insentives are but for now what are your comments???

Baby is still sick-

This fever will not leave, she will not take meds so we had to intervene and insert them in suppository form, fever goes downa little and med wears off and fever is back. This is a nasty bug and I sure hope they have evaluated her correctly. I hate that she cant tell me what hurts all she says is NO!! if she doesnt want something, its almost funny shes so cute but so adiment about her NO!!!!! Baby get better!! And Lord WHY??? I dont have time for this right now!!! Poor kids , I cant even take them school shopping, maybe that was his way of saying we dont need to go shopping??? But he could heal Maddi already its been almost 5 days!!

Very Sick Baby!!

We have a very sick baby for any of those who were huggung and kissing on her Sunday!! She came down with it Sunday after church. We were in the hospital last night after she had already been to the Dr that day. Her temp when the hospital took it was almost 106 degrees. in have never heard of a temp that high!! She was not getting dehydrated and we knew that cuz she is drinking like crazy!! She has Andeovirus and it is NASTY!!!! The Dr showed me her throat as he swabbed her and she was gagging and choking and screaming like Mom pick me up now!!! Highly contagious so I should have it in a few days given my unstable immune system!! Can't wait- but prayin Im bypassed!! Especially the kids with school starting- I hope they dont get it!!! And if you care her diapers smell like fish!!!!! FISH!!!! We still cant keep her fever down and she screams and pushes everything awaya nd wont eat or take the meds. Only good thing is she lets you cuddle and normally she is to busy for cuddling!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gas as low as 2.55!!!

Do you think we will ever see this day again?? What are they up to?? I do not trust them!!! Everytime I drive to Toledo the gas prices are lower and lower!!! I cant even believe my eyes some days!! We fill up or top off every single time we drive by!! I think we will soon see $4.00 a gallon and then they can say well remeber in August we gave you that break of gas for around $2.50!! Politics, Republicans, Greed they are all the same and should be ashamed!!!

Sorry for Lack of updates- they will eventually come

I have been so chronically tired to the point of barely functioning. I go to the GI Dr. tommorrow and the Rheumatolgist in Sept. So hopefully I will soon have some answeres to my growing list of symptoms. My resent blood work shows that my ANA (anti nuclear antibodies) titer was positive and is rising which means there is inflammation in my body but they dont know where and why and most likely indicates an auto immune disorder. I just want them to figure it out so I can be treated and go on before I cant go on. So that is my excuse for lack of update due to lack of my brain functioning.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Tuesday August 22nd- Happy 11th Birthday Kenzie!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

OR Earl at 80?? Leave your comments!!!

Popeye at 80

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!!! I Love You!!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

For Those who haven't heard this song -"BELIEVE"- BROOKS AND DUNN

I hope you appreciate it- I am so computer STUPID I tried everything and clearly I don't know what am I doing so I had to hand type this ALL- so read it and tell me what you think- I love it!


Old man Wrigley lived in that white house
Down the street where I grew up
Momma used to send me over with things
We struck a friendship up
I spent a few long summers out on his old porch swing

Says he was in the war went in the navy
Lost his wife, lost his baby
Broke down and asked him one time
How ya keep from going crazy
He said I'll see my wife and son in just a little while
I asked him what he meant
He looked at me and smiled, said

I raise my hands, bow my head
I'm finding more and more truth in the words written in red
They tell me that there's more to life than just what I can see
Oh I believe

Few years later I was off at college
Talkin' to mom on the phone one night
Getting all caught up on the gossip
The in and outs of small town life
She said on by the way son, old man Wrigley's died.

Later on that night, I laid there thinkin' back
Thought 'bout a couple long-lost summers
I didn't know whether to cry or laugh
If there was ever anybody deserved a ticket to the other side
It'd be that sweet old man who looked me in the eye, said

I raise my hands, bow my head
I'm finding more and more truth in the words written in red
They tell me that there's more to life than just what I can see

I can't quote the book
The chapter or the verse
You can't tell me it all ends
In a slow ride in a hearse
You know I'm more and more convinced
The longer that I live
Yeah, this can't be
No, this can't be
No, this can't be all there is

When I raise my hands, bow my head
I'm finding more and more truth in the words written in red
They tell that there's more to life than just what I can see
I believe
Oh, I
I believe
I believe
I believe
I believe
I believe

You have to hear it too- I wanted to start singing and crying while typing, It kind of reminds me of my elderly at work. I get to know them so well they are almost like grandparents to me in some ways and everytime I lose one it kills me- anyways thats another topic Ill get to one day.

Give me your thoughts on the lyrics.....

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Any Country Fans?-- Do you know the Lyris??

I could not get the lyrics to download, does anyone know this song?? It is very cool, I will hand type the words if I have to. Let me know if you have heard it and like it????

So excited Tiffany's in Temperance

Temperance never gets anything but we got a $5 pizza place- YEAH!!!!! I hated driving to Lambertville, not that it is that far but more so just annoying, so now we have our own!!!

Quick Yummy Peach Cobbler!!!

2 Large cans peaches -drained
Pour into 9x13
Sprinkle box of dry yellow cake mix over top
Drizzle with a cup of melted butter
Bake 350 about 45 mins.
Very sweet and yummy and easy!!!!
Could use pie cherries too.


I HATE!!!! Shift work!!!! These 12 hour days and weekends stink!!! I Hate it but fortunate he has a job, tho they have recently threatened to close Maumee stamping so he may not have a job or get transfered again and to who knows where!! They pretty much own him. I kind of have a love hate thing with Ford Motor co.



Have I mentioned I really dislike Dr's?? I think I have, but I have a correction....

Long story, I'll try to make short. I have had a GROWING list of symptoms for at least 12 years!!! I have changed family Dr.s at least 15 times- normally because they got lazy or frustrated and told me I don't know what to do, Im out of options. I have probably seen 6-10 diferent types of specialist over the years. Always leaving frustrated. I have taken thousands of dollars of supplements and tried crazy diets and all holistic, organic, you name it and I guarentee I have tried it.

I missed one Dr. which I LOVE!!!!! And that is my midwife who delivered Maddison. She just had a terrible ordeal with an illness with her husband so she knows how the crappy medical system works.

So at my wits end i make an appt. with her knowing my symptoms are most likely not really in her dept but thought she would have some direction. Some days my symptoms are very debilitaing but I hide it quite well. I have had Dr tell me Im crazy, my hair was to long, you have fibromyalgia (they tell you that cuz they dont know what else to tell you)!!

So when I saw Cindy9midwife) she shook her head with disgust, and couldnt believe I wasnt getting any help and I didnt know what help to get cuz I dont know what is wrong. There are way to many symptoms to list but a few are I have had abdominal since last FALL!!! Severe painful acne that a dermatologist cant even clear up!!! Every mental thought and syptom I can think of from, memory problems to concentration, daily thinking, and I just plain feel EVIL!!! etc.

So Cindy says you have a chronic disease and know one is diagnosing you!!! They are giving you bandaids and pretty soon they will fall off!!! So she ordered all the test she could get away with without the insurance company saying why is this doc ordering this when her family doc should. She thinks it possible I could have systemic yeast, where your whole body is is on toxic overload and you are kind of allergic to yourself!!! She said she is only guessing but at least its a start until I see the GI dr end of Aug. She she gave me a heavy monthly dose of fluconzale and anti yeast med. And after only 2 days my face is clearing like never before!! I have high hopes this is gonna work!!!

Pretty ironic and maddening tho, some of you who know me, know that I tried to tell a dr. 3 years ago that I think this is the problem and he blew it off!!! How awesome it will be if these small pills eliminate my growing list of syptoms but also how angry I am if that is what it is and 12 years of dr and no one could figure it out and I figured it out 3 years ago!!!!!!!

I am so thankful to know Cindy will help me find the right Dr and an answer, because you shoulndt live with chronic unexplained pain for 12 years!!!!! And ab pain since the fall without anyone running any test!! She also said my ANA titter was abnormal and someone should have investigated that. It means I have inflammation in my body somewhere. So I had to send in stool- fun, have blood work, and 2 more ultrasounds. Once I go to the Gi doc he is probably gonna want to probe me- not looking forward to that!!!!!

Poor Mugzie!!

My poor Mugzie got snipped! Yes, we neutered him, well we didn't, the vet did. We seriously considered breeding him but then realized what do we know about breeding dogs and there are enough homeless animals so we did the snip.

So I went to pick him up and she told me the total and I said "excuse me, how much? I was told this much" so she repeated what services he had done including pulling 7 teeth.


She says Oh NO, let me check in on that and I said: WELL YOU JUST DO THAT!!!!

Turns out since he was asleep they went ahead and pulled some baby teeth that were not falling out as they should and they could end up infected and they reduced it to $3 a tooth from $7 a tooth. So it wasnt so bad but shouldnt they have called and asked permission or something??

So when he came home I think he was seriously mad at me!! He just sat and looked at me and wouldnt eat move or anything, I had to carry him everywhere because he wouldnt move at all!! He is doing better. I hope to find him a girlfriend sometime in the future even if they cant have children.

I was too lazy to upload a picture from my camera so thanks Mr Earl I borrowed this from you- it is quite old but its Mugzie.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy 20 Months Maddi!! Only 4 more Months till she is 2- That is so depressing, why does it go SO fast!!!!!!!

MacKenzie is off to Camp Michindoh!!

Well Kenzie is off Sun- Fri!! at camp Michindoh in Hillsdale Mi. I hope she is having fun, I was a little nervouse to leave her but Im sure she is fine. She went with Abby Faust and Hannah Duschl so at least she's with friends. I was not aware, nor was she that they would spend 2 nights in a tee pee tent, but it looks as tho they keep them quite busy. Praise God she recovered quickly- we were afriad she might not be able to go, but she was all better!! Miss you Kenzie and Braeden REALLY misses you!!!